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Introducing… David Deubelbeiss


In the lead up to the ISTEK Schools 3rd International ELT Conference, we’ll be introducing some of the presenters on the blog. Next up is David Deubelbeiss…

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Sure. Canadian (but when people are me where I’m from I say “my mother”), living and teaching in North Bay, Ontario about 3 hours drive north of Toronto. Rocks, lakes, trees up here. Teacher trainer interested in reflective teaching, online prof. development, technology and education. Athlete, bibliophile, lover of life and knowledge. Undercover anthropologist. Pizza and red wine lover.

610029What is your teaching background?

Background in education. 24 years and counting. Public schools (ESL) in Canada, Czech Republic, France, Ukraine, Korea. Now back in Canada. I have taught immigrants, been an elementary homeroom teacher, taught and developed graduate school courses. Presently teaching core courses to B.Ed. students at a university in Canada.

Tell us a bit about your session.

It’s about how to adapt the much talked about model of “The Flipped Classroom” so it works for ELT. I’ll try to keep it active and practical – that’s always been my focus when presenting. I don’t like dry, intellectual talks. I’m plain spoken and will share directly my own thoughts of how technology through a flipped classroom model can help teachers help students.

Why are you interested in the area you’ll be presenting on?

I’ve been working with video and teaching since the mid 90s. Video is the new book. Finally, 4-5 years ago, technology became such that it was a very reliable medium that can be used by all. My work building the company EnglishCentral is a culmination of my interests.

What should your audience expect to learn?

They’ll learn 3 things.

1. They have to think of the teach/learn paradigm differently
2. That video can easily be blended into their curriculum
3. Ways to set up a flipped classroom unique for ELT

What are three words that sum up your session?

Cognito ergo discere (you didn’t say 3 English words!)

Which other presenters are you looking forward to seeing?

Given my interest in technology and language learning – Sugata Mitra. But also Jan Blake given my interest in storytelling. Also, Jamie Keddie who does similar stuff as myself and whose work I admire.

Do you blog? Tell us about it?

Oh too much. I actually have 7 blogs! But the main blog is I admire and support edublogs. But I run a few huge prof. development communities for teachers and forums are also something I consider “a blog”. and

Can we find you on Twitter or Facebook?

@ddeubel and

Have you been to Turkey before or is this your first time?

First time and very much looking forward to it. I’m read so much about it and work with several Turks. Also, I’m a big fan of Hodja the Trickster and will certainly tell a few of his stories in my sessions.

What other aspects of the conference are you looking forward to?

The social aspects (we are social beings aren’t we?) Also meeting colleagues in our company who run our Turkish office, Cagri and Kagan. Also looking forward to some sun and warmth – it’s been a hard winter here in Canada.


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