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Introducing… Evridiki Dakos


In the lead up to the ISTEK Schools 3rd International ELT Conference, we’ll be introducing some of the presenters on the blog. Next up is Evridiki Dakos…

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Evridiki Dakos, the author of the Course Books Sparkle Grade 1, Sparkle Grade 2 and Sparkle Grade 3 is a graduate from Marmara University and has been teaching English for 22 years at Private Zografyon Greek High School while she has been teaching young and very young learners for the last decade. She has been awarded a CELTA certificate by University of Cambridge. She is a certified Pre-school Teacher by the Turkish Ministry of Education, Montessori Teacher Assistant, freelance Teacher Trainer, ELT speaker and Workshop Leader, ELT Blogger, University of Cambridge ESOL Exam Coach and Oral Examiner for YLE and KET/PET.

610007What is your teaching background?

I have been teaching all ages and levels but especially teenagers since 1991. However, teaching young learners and very young learners is my favourite area where I love to write books and create my own teaching materials, including art and craft (especially from recycled materials), experiments, board games, chants, songs and CLIL lessons.

Tell us a bit about your session.

It is a session where teachers will find the opportunity to discuss together on the matter of understanding students and their needs better. Beside a time travel and a short Greek lesson there will be a video of needs analysis where students express their feelings, and thoughts as well as their wishes. Afterwards, there will be a discussion and finally a short explanation from me about subjective and objective need analysis (diagnostic tasks) including learning styles.

Why are you interested in the area you’ll be presenting on?

Simply because I believe if we do not know our students well or do not give them what they really “want and need”, both parts, teachers and students, will have nothing else but failure and unhappiness.

What should your audience expect to learn?

They will have a few moments of traveling back to the past; to compare good and bad lesson types as well as teachers. By getting a short Greek language course they will experience being students again and they will have the opportunity to discuss together for the ways of understanding students better. I will share some ideas on the ways of researching about our students’ needs including their learning styles.
In a few words, besides experiencing a few things related to students’ life, participants will have a brief initiation to the area of subjective and objective need analysis (diagnostic tasks) including learning styles.

What are three words that sum up your session?

Knowing and covering students’ needs

Which other presenter(s) are you looking forward to seeing?

They are all great speakers and that makes it too difficult to decide, most of them are from my PLN.

Do you blog? Tell us about it?

Yes, I blog. It is about ELT-Teacher Development where I share ELT conference news, my lesson materials, parts of the books I have written, as well as my students’ works.

Can we find you on Twitter or Facebook?


Twitter: @EvridikiDakos
Facebook: Evridiki Dakos

Have you been to Turkey before or is this your first time?

I was born in Turkey but I am Greek in origin and I have been living here all my life.

What other aspects of the conference are you looking forward to?

I know for sure that it will be a great event as it has been before with all its great speakers and its excellent organization. Besides all the great plenary sessions and workshops and meeting with my PLN again, I am looking forward to the opening and the closing ceremonies too which have always been so amazing and unforgettable.


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