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Introducing… Divya Brochier


In the lead up to the ISTEK Schools 3rd International ELT Conference, we’ll be introducing some of the presenters on the blog. Next up is Divya Brochier…

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’ve been a teacher and student simultaneously for a lot of my career which is why doing this workshop of perspectives was of particular interest to me. I am currently doing a Doctorate in TESOL and my research interests are in the general area of language education policy and classroom dynamics. I work in French Higher Ed and my other involvements include the IATEFL Research SIG and iTDi.

610003What is your teaching background?

I stumbled into teaching as a British Council Language Assistant in Austria and loved it. I worked with young learners for the first 5 years of my career and after my MA, became a lecturer at a Grande Ecole here in France. I’ve worked on a variety of workshops, from data presentation for statisticians to language learning through cooking. I work at an institution where we collaborate a great deal in most of our teaching and I particularly enjoy this aspect of my work.

Why are you interested in the area you’ll be presenting on?

Because I’m hugely interested in classroom dynamic, from many different angles, psychologically in terms of affective processes as well as in terms of philosophy or belief systems. I said I’ve had the privilege of being on both sides of the room quite often and swapping between teacher mode and student mode so I think I’ll learn a lot just running a workshop of researching perspectives because it means a lot to me in my own practice.

What should your audience expect to learn?

A clear first step towards doing Action Research, which they can develop according to their own contexts and practices

What are four words that sum up your session?

Action Research, Practitioner Voices

Which other presenter(s) are you looking forward to seeing?

Oh, far too many to list!

Do you blog? Tell us about it?

Yes I blog but I’m still finding my voice as a blogger. I enjoy it but it is not something I am able to keep up with any real regularity

Can we find you on Twitter or Facebook?


Have you been to Turkey before or is this your first time?

First time!

What other aspects of the conference are you looking forward to?

Reconnecting with friends, seeing Jan in action again



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