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Introducing… Okan Önalan


In the lead up to the ISTEK Schools 3rd International ELT Conference, we’ll be introducing some of the presenters on the blog. Next up is Dr.Okan Önalan…

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Dr.Okan ÖNALAN. I am an enthusiastic teacher with lots of projects in mind. Most importantly, however, I believe in the necessity of making the most out of life.


What is your teaching background?

Teacher Trainer, Instructor, Tutor and Administrator of ELT issues.

Tell us a bit about your session.

I am hoping to make it an enjoyable session with an emphasis on empirical findings.

Why are you interested in the area you’ll be presenting on?

Culture is the everywhere and it shows how we perceive the world and the language.

What should your audience expect to learn?

Cultural matters in ELT are trivial and they should be further thought about.

What are three words that sum up your session?

ELT Culture Revised

Which other presenter(s) are you looking forward to seeing?

All of them. But, I am particularly interested in Sugata Mitra’s talk since I know him from TED talks.

Do you blog? Tell us about it?

I am a novice blogger. I blog at two different sites:

I will tell more about it in my session.

Can we find you on Twitter or Facebook?

Yes. I am an active Twitter and Facebook user.

What other aspects of the conference are you looking forward to?

Social Events!


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