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Introducing… Özge Öztürk


In the lead up to the ISTEK Schools 3rd International ELT Conference, we’ll be introducing some of the presenters on the blog. Next up is Özge Öztürk…

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I work as an EFL Instructor at Uludağ University, School of Foreign Languages. Currently, in addition to my full-time teaching, I am studying on my MA thesis, specially majoring in Educational Technology.

What is your teaching background?

I had my real first school practice experience as an undergraduate student in Denmark where I taught at secondary school and collaborated with valuable teachers for a year. Then, I became a passionate English teacher and started teaching at university level. Now, I am really enjoying every minute of it.

610002Tell us a bit about your session.

My session is about the activities that every teacher can integrate in his/her own teaching. The main core involves the ideas or the activities that require little/ no material planning. I just want to try my best to share my ideas about how to create favorable atmosphere in the classroom in order to achieve meaningful learning.

Why are you interested in the area you’ll be presenting on?

The idea comes from my own teaching experience. Sometimes, as teachers we want to try catchy things in our class but don’t have extra planning time for them. Plus, I believe that learning takes place best when you do something totally different instead of explicit teaching.

What should your audience expect to learn?

Together with all participants, we will focus on language use while having fun with the activities.

What are three words that sum up your session?

Practical, teacher-friendly and innovative

Which other presenters are you looking forward to seeing?

There are many good presenters again for this year’s conference. My plan is to make the most of the sessions about technology.

Do you blog? Tell us about it?

I don’t but I would love to! Because I know how much it is effective for reflecting your own teaching. I took part in Blogathon 2012 competition by British Council Turkey. My one-month-blogging journey helped me to question my teaching as well as I had the privilege of meeting colleagues in an online platform. Thanks to British Council Turkey, I got the second place in Blogathon and attended iatefl 2012 conference as a social media representative. Since then, I’ve had a plan to have my own blog one day. The sooner, the better of course.

Can we find you on Twitter or Facebook?

I am @oztrkozge on Twitter

What other aspects of the conference are you looking forward to?

I am really looking forward to seeing my PLN members and meeting more inspiring colleagues.


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