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Welcome to #ISTEKELT 2013!



On April 27-28, 2013, all ELT eyes will be on a great conference – ISTEK ELT 2013: Through Their Eyes: Understanding Learner Perceptions of teaching and Learning, at Yeditepe University, Istanbul. Organised by Burcu Akyol and her great team, this is going to be an event not to miss!

There has been a lot of discussion and many talks have been made on the topic of how important professional development for educators is. Around the world, literally thousands of educators are doing whatever is possible for them to get that development, either face to face at conferences, workshops and swapshops, or online, by connecting with teachers worldwide and following online events. This is truly an amazing development in the world of education – how much of it is learner-centered though?

This is what ISTEK ELT 2013 will be emphasising. If we wish to motivate our students and help them move forward, we need not only develop ourselves professionally and apply everything we learn in the classroom – we also need to step into their shoes and see what their wishes, interests, learning styles and even aspirations are. It is a two-way road – a bridge connecting everyone in the classroom!

6 keynote speakers, 22 concurrent keynote speakers and 46 workshop speakers will be at Yeditepe University to explore all these options and help us all see through the students’ eyes! Click on the link to see all the educators who are coming from all over the world to share with us there.


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    Free ONLINE this weekend, live from Istanbul, Turkey – a great ELT conference waiting for you!

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