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Eva Büyüksimkeşyan interviews Nina Lauder for ISTEK ELT #istekelt

In this video, Eva interviews Nina Lauder, teacher, teacher trainer and author, who is based in Spain. Watch the interview here:


Adam Simpson interviews Devrim Ozdemir for ISTEK ELT #istekelt

Adam Simpson gets a super interview from Devrim Ozdemir who speaks about his session and gives teachers some very useful advice – watch them here:

Eva Büyüksimkeşyan interviews Okan Önalan for ISTEK ELT #istekelt

Eva Büyüksimkeşyan, a high school teacher, teacher trainer, blogger and presenter, and member of the Social Media team, interviewed Dr. Okan Önalan, teacher and teacher trainer about his work and presentation at ISTEK ELT. Here is the video of their interview:

Vicky Loras interviews Jeremy Harmer for ISTEK ELT #istekelt

I was very very happy to interview Jeremy Harmer, whom I have admired for years and met for the first time in person at ISTEK ELT. He is absolutely amazing! Enjoy his interview.

Jan Blake, Keynote Plenary Speaker at ISTEK ELT #istekelt

Jan Blake

(Image from

At ISTEK ELT, we will be very fortunate to watch one of the most well-known contemporary storeytellers: Jan Blake. She has been a storyteller since 1986 with a great number of awards for her amazing work, the latest being in 2012, when she was named Outsatnding Female Storyteller by the British Awards for Storytelling Excellence.

Her keynote plenary, They Don’t Care About the Vocabulary, They Care About the Characters, will delve into what children need from stories in order to grasp the language.

Watch her in action in this video, where she tells the story of The Leopard Woman:

Conference Preview for ISTEK ELT by Esat Uğurlu, GLOBED #istekelt

Esat Uğurlu and GLOBED

Esat Uğurlu and GLOBED

Esat Uğurlu has shared a lovely summary of his concurrent keynote speech (Saturday, April 27th, 14:15 – 15:00, B312).

E-Learning: There is nothing to be afraid of and plenty to discover

Nowadays all we talk about is 21st Century learning environments, tablets, laptops –basically e-learning in general. In a complex and highly technical world we live in, content and the effective delivery of it in and outside of classrooms is essential. Through Their Eyes is a powerful theme and unless we pay serious attention to learners’ perceptions, our efforts can be counterproductive.

Our presentation will focus on award-winning, research-based online content and platforms (e.g. UNICEF World Education Games, BrainPOP, Oddizzi, Reading A-Z, Sesame Street) and we will explore why millions of teachers and students from around the world make use of these innovative resources. We will also talk about differentiated instruction, global/digital citizenship, and playful learning.

About Esat:

Esat Uğurlu spent more than a third of his life abroad, consulting with hundreds of educational institutions in more than sixteen countries including the USA, Thailand, China, S. Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Since his graduation from Brandeis University in Massachusetts, Esat’s main interest and focus has been on using various technologies for better, more effective teaching and learning. After completing his duties at UNESCO Bangkok – Education for Sustainable Development unit, Esat worked with Asia-Pacific’s leading distributor of e-content and due to recent developments in the Turkish e-learning market, he moved to Istanbul in 2012 and founded GLOBED (, an e-learning content distribution and consultancy company that serves K-12 schools.

Herbert Puchta, Keynote Plenary Speaker at ISTEK ELT #istekelt

Language learning isn’t just about language – it’s about how the brain stores information, content that appeals to students and, ultimately, helping learners to feel that they CAN SUCCEED!

Herbert Puchta

Herbert Puchta (Image from his website,

Herbert Puchta (Image from his website,

If you would like to hear more from Herbert Puchta, he will be a keynote plenary speaker at the ISTEK ELT Conference. A renowned coursebook writer, teacher trainer, Herbert has inspired a great number of teachers with his talks, training sessions and books.

His talk at ISTEK this year will be Bored students? Tap into the brain’s reward system! A talk not to miss.

Watch his Pecha Kucha at IATEFL 2012 in the video below:

Vicky Loras, Roving Reporter for ISTEK ELT