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Adam Simpson interviews Devrim Ozdemir for ISTEK ELT #istekelt

Adam Simpson gets a super interview from Devrim Ozdemir who speaks about his session and gives teachers some very useful advice – watch them here:


Aslı Sağlam interviews David Deubelbeiss for ISTEK ELT #istekelt

Another super member of the Social Media team, Aslı Sağlam, interviewed David Deubelbeiss of English Central, who came all the way from Canada to present at ISTEK ELT about the flipped classroom. Watch their great interview:

Vicky Loras interviews Luke Meddings for ISTEK ELT #istekelt

Another great ELT person interviewed for ISTEK ELT – Luke Meddings! Luke is an ELT teacher, author and teacher trainer. He is the co-founder with Scott Thornbury of Dogme in ELT and co-founded the round with Lindsay Clandfield.

Eva Büyüksimkeşyan interviews Okan Önalan for ISTEK ELT #istekelt

Eva Büyüksimkeşyan, a high school teacher, teacher trainer, blogger and presenter, and member of the Social Media team, interviewed Dr. Okan Önalan, teacher and teacher trainer about his work and presentation at ISTEK ELT. Here is the video of their interview:

Vicky Loras interviews Jeremy Harmer for ISTEK ELT #istekelt

I was very very happy to interview Jeremy Harmer, whom I have admired for years and met for the first time in person at ISTEK ELT. He is absolutely amazing! Enjoy his interview.

Conference Preview at ISTEK ELT by Joel Josephson

Joel at TEDx

Joel at TEDx

At ISTEK ELT, Joel will give a summary of his TedX talk he gave this week and discuss how his projects funded by the European Union, move the education system toward the target of a Creative Classroom through taking a holistic view were multiple elements and subjects work within a motivational structure to build the potential for self-learning, learning to learn, collaborative learning, feedback and assessment, all the skills children need for our developing and dynamic world.

We will then complete the PopuLLar project, one of the most effective, fun and exciting projects for languages. In this project students are taking complete control of their learning, teachers have been pushed out of the classroom.

We look forward to attending Joel’s workshop!