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Eva Büyüksimkeşyan interviews Nina Lauder for ISTEK ELT #istekelt

In this video, Eva interviews Nina Lauder, teacher, teacher trainer and author, who is based in Spain. Watch the interview here:


Adam Simpson interviews Devrim Ozdemir for ISTEK ELT #istekelt

Adam Simpson gets a super interview from Devrim Ozdemir who speaks about his session and gives teachers some very useful advice – watch them here:

Vicky Loras interviews Luke Meddings for ISTEK ELT #istekelt

Another great ELT person interviewed for ISTEK ELT – Luke Meddings! Luke is an ELT teacher, author and teacher trainer. He is the co-founder with Scott Thornbury of Dogme in ELT and co-founded the round with Lindsay Clandfield.

Vicky Loras interviews Jeremy Harmer for ISTEK ELT #istekelt

I was very very happy to interview Jeremy Harmer, whom I have admired for years and met for the first time in person at ISTEK ELT. He is absolutely amazing! Enjoy his interview.

Ralph Tabberer, Keynote Plenary Speaker at ISTEK ELT #istekelt

Ralph Tabberer

Ralph Tabberer

At ISTEK ELT 2013, we will have the honor of listening to Ralph Tabberer’s Keynote Plenary talk, Global Trends in Education. Ralph’s interests include leadership, curriculum development and assessment.

He has a great blog called Always learning, where he shares his thoughts about his areas of interest.

In the 2009 New Years Honours, he received the Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (CB).

Join us online or in person on Sunday, April 28th, 09:30-10:30 am for Ralph Tabberer’s plenary!

Herbert Puchta, Keynote Plenary Speaker at ISTEK ELT #istekelt

Language learning isn’t just about language – it’s about how the brain stores information, content that appeals to students and, ultimately, helping learners to feel that they CAN SUCCEED!

Herbert Puchta

Herbert Puchta (Image from his website,

Herbert Puchta (Image from his website,

If you would like to hear more from Herbert Puchta, he will be a keynote plenary speaker at the ISTEK ELT Conference. A renowned coursebook writer, teacher trainer, Herbert has inspired a great number of teachers with his talks, training sessions and books.

His talk at ISTEK this year will be Bored students? Tap into the brain’s reward system! A talk not to miss.

Watch his Pecha Kucha at IATEFL 2012 in the video below:

Vicky Loras, Roving Reporter for ISTEK ELT

Sugata Mitra, Keynote Plenary Speaker – ISTEK ELT #istekelt

Dr. Sugata Mitra (Image from

Dr. Sugata Mitra (Image from

One of the keynote plenary speakers for this year’s ISTEK ELT Conference will be Dr. Sugata Mitra, educational researcher and the person who created the Hole in the Wall experiment. He and some colleagues dug a hole in an urban slum in India in 1999, with an internet-connected computer installed there and cameras filming. The children would go there and experiment with the computer until they knew how to use it. His experiment demonstrates how children, with no input from an educator, can teach themselves or one another.

Dr. Mitra received a TED award earlier this year and now hopes to build a school in the cloud, a worldwide cloud, where children can draw resources from, learn on their own and teach each other.

At ISTEK ELT we will all be very fortunate to listen to his talk, The Future of Learning.

Here is a video of his talk at TED2013, Build a School in the Cloud.

Vicky Loras, Roving Reporter for ISTEK ELT